Happy Birthday rie.design!!!

It's rie.design's birthday!!!!! 3 years in and I am still amazed that rie.design is a business. I dreamed up this idea in college and always thought it would happen one day. I never knew that 'one day' would be before I even hit 30. 

This milestone wasn't reached by myself.  Credit is due to:
- my husband, the one who has always been in my corner and telling me that I can do it. He's my biggest fan!  
- my kids who inspire me everyday to be the best I can be and they are the best office entertainment! 
- my friends and family who constantly support me and pass my business info on to everyone that may need my services. 
- my clients who come back project after project to help keep my dream alive. 

I will be forever grateful for everyone who has played their part in the success of rie.design! Thank you to everyone!