Happy Birthday, rie.design!


Happy 6th birthday to rie.design! I am so honored to have made it this long. Here’s to the future that this business has!

I am so very appreciative of every single person who has helped me along the way:

The clients who gave me a chance.

The friends who referred me to any and everyone that even mentioned anything remotely close to my business.

The business owners who were in the game first and gave me advice over the years.

The haters and naysayers… yes, I want to thank you, too. Your lack of belief made me work harder to prove you all wrong!

My family… you 3 took on the highs and lows of my business as well. You patiently waited as mommy finished up a conference call or dealt with an emergency client need. You 3 have been the fuel to this ride of business ownership. This “birthday” is just as much yours as it is mine. I love you 3 forever!

Here’s to another 6 years and then some!

Thank you — rie.



2018 is bringing many new things for myself. I am working to grow rie.design the most I ever have because now both my kids are in school and that means I can actually work during the day without many interruptions.

I am also launching a couple of side projects. The Mompreneurs of California Facebook group has been gaining ground and I am excited for all of the events and other ways I will be connecting #bossbabes from all over California. My mom friends from across the country were a little sad they couldn’t be apart of it, so I started a Mompreneurs of the Universe Instagram page that is (for now) just a place for moms to stay inspired. One day, there’ll be events and all that for moms all over the world!

The other side project is Empowered 2 Live. This is a page by a few women who are just coming together to help empower each other in various avenues of life. We have held a few essential oil workshops and are going to be growing the things we offer as time passes.

There are also a few other things… but they are still works in progress. 2018… I AM COMING FOR YA!

Where to give?

Want to find the perfect organization to help? Well guidestar.org is a great place to start. You can search by city/state/type of organizations. 

Don't have money to give to these help? That's ok because all non profits love having people with time or a service to offer. 

Get out there, every little bit of help is vital to any non-profits success.

Thank You in Business


Last week I spoke about how it is important to say thanks to clients but it is also important to say thanks to everyone who helps you in business. Your clients, referrals, employees... Everyone. 

 I'm not saying buy big gifts and spend a lot of money. The thank you could be as simple as a phone call or just a plain old ‘thank you’. Just make sure you give that recognition when you need to.


 Here is the article I came by that talks about thank you in business

Thankful... for clients. A few client appreciation gift ideas.

This is the month where everyone reflects on all the people, things, memories to be thankful for. People you don’t want to forget as a business owner is… your clients. Yes, they do pay you for your services but there are many other businesses out there that do the same thing that you do. Basically… you are replaceable. A small token to show appreciation is key. 

Now all businesses have different budgets for client appreciation. So I have listed a few ideas that could work with any budget. 

  • hand written notes: In the world of quick messages, emails, tweets and such it’s always nice to just get a little note in the mail. 
  • special recognition: Have a client who has been with you for years? Did they do something spectacular that is newsworthy? Then give them a shot out on social media. 
  • baked goods: Who doesn’t love baked goods? But try to avoid the heavy ‘baked good gift’ times of the year like thanksgiving and Christmas. Make this a ‘just because’ gift and it will be remembered more. 
  • knowledge: Share ideas or tips. They can be about anything, business, crafts, recipes. 
  • personal gift for special occasion: The holidays are always a great time to send gifts to clients but everyone is doing that and offices end up with tons of gifts. Send a note during the holidays but maybe send them a small gift on their birthday or any other special occasion.