Happy Birthday rie.design!!!

It's rie.design's birthday!!!!! 3 years in and I am still amazed that rie.design is a business. I dreamed up this idea in college and always thought it would happen one day. I never knew that 'one day' would be before I even hit 30. 

This milestone wasn't reached by myself.  Credit is due to:
- my husband, the one who has always been in my corner and telling me that I can do it. He's my biggest fan!  
- my kids who inspire me everyday to be the best I can be and they are the best office entertainment! 
- my friends and family who constantly support me and pass my business info on to everyone that may need my services. 
- my clients who come back project after project to help keep my dream alive. 

I will be forever grateful for everyone who has played their part in the success of rie.design! Thank you to everyone! 


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The real talent behind rie.design, my son, Emilio Jae Thomas better known as Bubba, EJ, Edge and ChunkEfresh.

Be my Valentine

20130212-190507i love doing projects with my daughter! This is our second time doing these crayon hearts and they came out great both times. All you need is crayons (old bits and pieces work great for this), a silicone mold (any shape, even the cupcake pans work and all you need to do is line the cupcake pans) and an oven. Easy. The parents appreciate a valentine that isn't candy!

There are a bunch of step by step tutorials on Pinterest.

Happy birthday, rie.design!

One year ago... The doors to rie.design were officially opened for the first time. I never imagined that before I had hit 30 I would be a business owner. I was excited and nervous about starting this chapter. What if it failed? This was my dream job. What if this dream wasn't meant to be a reality? I had been creating rie.design in my head and sketchbook since college. It was my first child and I didn't want it to crash and burn.

My mind was all over the place on January 26, 2012. I had put off the day to go downtown and fill out all the paperwork 3 times before I finally got to go. I sat in the parking lot with my not even one year old son in the car. I debated not going in. Then I remembered my daughter who was at school half way over with her first year of kindergarten and how I had been able to stay home because I was freelancing. How I got to be involved with her everyday at school. I looked in the rear view and saw my son sleeping. I was able to see every first with him! Able to snuggle with him whenever I wanted. I didn't want to lose this. I loaded up the stroller and we went and got my business license!

A year has now passed and I'm so glad I took the leap and started this chapter of my life. It's been far from easy but so worth it!

I may be the one with the name on the license but it was a team effort. I have an amazing support system. First I would like to thank my husband. He has dealt with the late nights, listened to me complain, and has always supported me starting this business. My children... You inspire me to be better everyday. When I am tired and ready to quit you give me the drive I need to push on. My friends who are family... You have helped me in numerous ways from watching the kids so I can work or finally get some sleep to just being super supportive and celebrating my small victories with me. My clients and fans... Thanks for the chance to work with you and for referring me to others! This chapter wouldn't have happened without all of you. Thank you!

Cheers to a great year and many more to come!

Allow me to rie.introduce myself…

20130124-201221Website is finally updated. It took what seemed like forever!!! Check it out and let me know what you think!