Fellow Women in Business

Sticking to the theme of women small business owners, I wanted to highlight a few of the amazing women owned small businesses that I have had the honor of working with over the years.

J&A Cleaning Services was one of the first start up businesses that I got to work with. I helped Christina Hasegawa create a brand that she has carried on since the start of her business. She started off as just small and now has many employees and has clients all over the bay area.

Venia Spa was another business I had the pleasure of working with when the spa was just an idea in Jessica Berlanga's head. Now it one of the best spas in Monterey County! Both of these women have made something out of just an idea that was sitting in their head. They are not only successful business women but give so much back to the community.

Last, but certainly not least, High Rise Hair Salon is a woman owned business that I have helped since the 'birth' of the business. Jessica Foronda was starting her career as a hair stylist and was eager to have her own space. She's also a mom and wanted to have the flexibility to be able to take part in all the things that come up with their schedule. She has just celebrated her first year in business and Jessica is on the fast track straight to the top! 

I am proud to call them clients, colleagues and friends. I am honored to have been apart of their journey as they create their own path and blaze new ones!

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