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Thankful... for clients. A few client appreciation gift ideas.

This is the month where everyone reflects on all the people, things, memories to be thankful for. People you don’t want to forget as a business owner is… your clients. Yes, they do pay you for your services but there are many other businesses out there that do the same thing that you do. Basically… you are replaceable. A small token to show appreciation is key. 

Now all businesses have different budgets for client appreciation. So I have listed a few ideas that could work with any budget. 

  • hand written notes: In the world of quick messages, emails, tweets and such it’s always nice to just get a little note in the mail. 
  • special recognition: Have a client who has been with you for years? Did they do something spectacular that is newsworthy? Then give them a shot out on social media. 
  • baked goods: Who doesn’t love baked goods? But try to avoid the heavy ‘baked good gift’ times of the year like thanksgiving and Christmas. Make this a ‘just because’ gift and it will be remembered more. 
  • knowledge: Share ideas or tips. They can be about anything, business, crafts, recipes. 
  • personal gift for special occasion: The holidays are always a great time to send gifts to clients but everyone is doing that and offices end up with tons of gifts. Send a note during the holidays but maybe send them a small gift on their birthday or any other special occasion. 

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