2018 is bringing many new things for myself. I am working to grow the most I ever have because now both my kids are in school and that means I can actually work during the day without many interruptions.

I am also launching a couple of side projects. The Mompreneurs of California Facebook group has been gaining ground and I am excited for all of the events and other ways I will be connecting #bossbabes from all over California. My mom friends from across the country were a little sad they couldn’t be apart of it, so I started a Mompreneurs of the Universe Instagram page that is (for now) just a place for moms to stay inspired. One day, there’ll be events and all that for moms all over the world!

The other side project is Empowered 2 Live. This is a page by a few women who are just coming together to help empower each other in various avenues of life. We have held a few essential oil workshops and are going to be growing the things we offer as time passes.

There are also a few other things… but they are still works in progress. 2018… I AM COMING FOR YA!

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