Happy Birthday, rie.design!


Happy 6th birthday to rie.design! I am so honored to have made it this long. Here’s to the future that this business has!

I am so very appreciative of every single person who has helped me along the way:

The clients who gave me a chance.

The friends who referred me to any and everyone that even mentioned anything remotely close to my business.

The business owners who were in the game first and gave me advice over the years.

The haters and naysayers… yes, I want to thank you, too. Your lack of belief made me work harder to prove you all wrong!

My family… you 3 took on the highs and lows of my business as well. You patiently waited as mommy finished up a conference call or dealt with an emergency client need. You 3 have been the fuel to this ride of business ownership. This “birthday” is just as much yours as it is mine. I love you 3 forever!

Here’s to another 6 years and then some!

Thank you — rie.